Our Story

Virginia Budo was created March 21, 2013.  Bujinkan Budo is not just an Martial art, it is a way of life. I wanted to share that with everyone, so I decided to open up my doors so everyone will benefit from this wonderful art. I have had the pleasure of training with my Sensei for 20 years. If I can touch someone with what I learned from my Sensei, I would be honored to do so. I am a better man because of my  training in this wonderful art.


Shidoshi-ho Vaughn T. Aiken has been training in the Bujinkan Martial Art System for over 20 years. He is a black belt instructor in the Bujinkan martial art system. The Bujinkan is a traditional Japanese martial arts school dedicated to the preservation of the Ninja and Samurai traditions.

Vaughn began his Journey in 1994 at New York Budo with Sensei Jean Pierre Seibel, a student of Anshu Stephen K. Hayes and then continued his Budo training with Shidoshi Victor Acevedo, a student of Shihan Jack Hoban. As a long time personal student of his sensei, Vaughn has received Kuden, secret teachings, understandings and techniques that is transmitted from master to selective students.


In 2013, Vaughn T. Aiken founded Bujinkan Virginia Budo, located minutes away from the Quantico Marine Base. His teachings include both tradition forms and modern day self-defense, staff and sword training. Effective and efficient movements to avoid danger. Painful techniques to not only stop your attacker but control him too. Strategy and common sense. The emphasis on making your heart, mind, body and techniques become one with each other. Benefits of training include increased confidence, mind-body coordination, and well-being that comes from regular productive training. Vaughn works for the US Justice Department in Washington DC